Unlock valuable information from your travel data

Every trip your employees takes impacts your company’s bottom line – but are you analysing where cost-saving measures or productivity improvements can be made?

Voyage Manager’s market-leading travel analytics tools unlock the potential of your travel data, so you can reduce travel spend and improve planning efficiency.

Optimise insurance
Ensure you’re paying the right premium.
Negotiate with providers
Get the best deal with the partners you use most often.
Go greener
Reduce the climate impact of work travel.
Collect all your business travel data in one place

Collect all your travel data in one place

The biggest barrier to analysing travel data is having your data spread across multiple systems.

Voyage Manager logs every aspect of business travel in one system, so you can integrate information from:

  • TMCs (travel agents)
  • GDSs (booking engines)
  • Location tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Third party services, such as WorldMate and TripIt
  • Manually entered data, such as staff documentation and itineraries
  • Internal and external systems
  • Expenses

We integrate all aspects of travel, from car rentals and hotel bookings, to rail travel, flights, taxis – even cycle hire. This provides a granular picture of your company's travel movements.

Run instant reports

Voyage Manager’s analytics tools empower you to streamline your organisation's approach to travel by running real-time reports for internal and external benefit:

  • Update your insurance company on how many trips employees took in the past year and where, to ensure you’re paying the right premium
  • Break down travel by country, state and city to track the impact on tax, compliance and immigration entitlements.
  • Analyse spend by supplier or logistics partner, so you can cut the cost of travel by negotiating preferential rates with frequently used airlines and hotel chains

All travel insights reported through the Voyage Manager travel tracking platform can be integrated with your other business software via API.

Run instant reports
Calculate your climate footprint

Calculate your corporate climate footprint

Business trips don’t just have a financial cost; your travel significantly impacts the environment.

With Voyage Manager’s built-in climate analytics tools, you can calculate your carbon footprint and take steps to make greener travel decisions.

Explore Our Climate Impact Tools

Integrate data from every source

Voyage Manager integrates every type of business travel data into one platform, and there may be times when you want to include data from other sources.

Our tracking platform includes API integrations that enable you to access data from your own software, for a complete overview of business activity. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Integrate data from every source

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