Remain compliant at all times

Frequent and multi-jurisdiction travel has complex legal and financial implications, which can be costly to your company’s reputation and finances if they’re not tracked correctly.

Voyage Manager’s best-in-class tax and immigration and compliance tools simplify the trip monitoring and auditing process, to ensure all business travel is within your entitled limits.

Get an accurate picture of travel-related tax exposure.
Ensure all trips follow company travel policies.
Monitor staff travel to stay within visa limits.
Make sure trips meet your company travel criteria

Make sure trips meet your company travel criteria

The global business world is more connected than ever, but keeping employees safe means putting travel policies in place.

Through Voyage Manager’s compliance tools, you can make sure all business travel meets company guidelines before approving trip requests, to prevent situations such as:

  • Too many colleagues travelling together on the same flight
  • Employees travelling to countries on your company’s restriction list

Strong compliance processes maximise travel opportunities, without making staff vulnerable.

Keep a close eye on immigration limits

When your staff are travelling internationally, they need the right documentation to stay within visa rules – or they could face a fine or be denied entry to their destination.

Voyage Manager’s immigration tools provide a detailed view of the days every employee spends in each country or visa region, for a complete trail of their business travel locations:

  • Automatically monitor the amount of time staff spend abroad – and notify them as they approach their country/region limit
  • Compile an audit trail of where your workforce has travelled at the click of a button
  • Enable staff to access all their travel documentation online, including passports and visas, through Voyage Manager’s mobile apps

In addition to simplifying travel logistics, our series of apps help people to track their own data, including the number of days spent in a country and their total allowance.

Keep a close eye on immigration limits
Ensure travel stays within tax regulations

Ensure travel stays within tax regulations

Voyage Manager’s tax tools enable you to monitor, manage and report on the number of days employees spend in states and countries, using a combination of sources including travel, location, card transaction and expense data:

  • Provide an accurate picture of travel-related tax exposure for auditing and compliance purposes
  • Give employees advance warning when they’re approaching tax thresholds
  • Allow staff to access their personal tax residency data, so they can update travel plans, check the number of days they’ve spent in a country or state and how many days they have left

Voyage Manager also includes a permanent establishment (PE) calendar and calculator, so you can easily track the presence of all employees combined in every relevant country per day.

Integrate data from every source

Voyage Manager integrates every type of business travel data into one platform, and there may be times when you want to include data from other sources.

Our platform includes API integrations that enable you to access data from your own software, for a complete overview of business activity. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Integrate data from every source

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