Travel information at your fingertips, wherever you go

Nobody wants to cart a huge folder of paperwork around with them on a business trip. That’s why we’ve developed the suite of Voyage Manager mobile apps for all travel management purposes.

Designed for individual use, these mobile travel apps are your personal travel companions – helping you to execute the perfect trip, and stay informed at all times.

Manage your itineraries and travel documents online.
Get instant security and travel logistics alerts.
Track your tax, visa and expenses data.
Update colleagues and friends on your travel progress

Update colleagues and friends on your travel progress

Stay connected during business travel by notifying friends, family and work colleagues via the app when you reach key points on your trip.

Pulse, our daily check-in tool, asks you to confirm you’re safe, well and in the right location. We can also send reminders to call into work, if you’d prefer to keep in touch by phone.

Plus, the app sends alerts to your phone when local security issues may affect your schedule.

Store critical travel documents securely online

Voyage Manager mobile apps includes a digital vault for storing copies of your essential paperwork, and a separate app for travel itinerary information. You can easily access:

  • Passport, visas and driving license – we will even notify you when they’re about to expire
  • Travel itineraries
  • Downloadable country safety guides

All documents are encrypted on our servers for maximum security, and require biometric or password permission to access.

Store critical documents securely online
Manage every aspect of business admin

Manage every aspect of business travel admin

Think of Voyage Manager’s mobile apps as your ‘pocket PA’, simplifying all the admin associated with business travel:

  • Update your trip itineraries as they change, automatically notifying colleagues
  • Upload expense receipts as you go
  • Track the number of days you spend out of the country for tax and immigration purposes, and view your remaining entitlement in each country or US state
  • Make sure essential documents have not expired, so you don’t get caught out when travelling

Download the iPhone or Android apps to start exploring their features in full.


Voyage Nucleus combines all of our apps into a single app. That is expense, immigration, intelligence, security, tax, travel and vault.

Voyage on Android Play Store Voyage on iTunes App Store


Tax gives you instant access to your international and state tax residency data, including information about the number days you have spent and the number of days you have left in countries and states.

Voyage Tax on the Android Play Store Voyage Tax on the iTunes App Store


Travel app is your portable travel companion, giving you the information and support that you need to keep you safe while travelling. It includes itinerary management, travel alerts, destination guides and more.

Voyage on Android Play Store Voyage on iTunes App Store

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